Setup Instructions


How to install TrackMySoftware on your server and test it.



PHP 5.x
ionCube (Usually already installed on most hosting services, so you don’t have to do anything – otherwise a free download)

1. Create a MySQL database and user. The user should have all privileges for the database.

For a later step, you will need to know:

Server name (almost always ‘localhost’)
User name
Database name

2. From the install package, upload the contents of the ‘Upload to server’ directory to any directory on your server.

N.B. The sub-directories must also be uploaded and the directory structure must be preserved.

Hint: It may be easier to zip it, upload it and unzip it on the server.

3. Check permissions, and change if necessary. Two files need write permissions for the setup:


On Linux the permisions can be set to 0766, on Windows the files should have write permission.

4. In your browser, navigate to the directory where you have uploaded the files:


You should see a Setup page which will ask for the details from step 1.

Enter the database connection details and run the setup.


In case of any problems, you can also set it up manually:

a) In any text editor, edit the two files


Insert the database connection information, and set DB_SETUP_DONE to true.

b) In your MySQL admin program (phpMyAdmin or whatever program is used on your Windows server), import into the database the SQL file trackmysoftware.sql. This will create the database tables and insert some initial records.

5. You can then access the TMS Admin system in your browser at

To sign in use

User name: admin
Password: admin

(You can change the password to something else later.)

6. On your computer, go to either the win32 or win64 directory of the downloaded package, and run TMSKeyGen.exe.

This will generate the encryption keys you’ll need to use function library.

Copy the generated Encryption Keys to the clipboard.

7. In your browser, go into the Admin system in the /tms-admin directory and click on Settings.

Paste the Encryption Keys into the field there

- For the registered version: Enter a License password, to be used for generating licenses.

Save the record.

Everything is now set up!


Quick tests


a) Test the web API:

In your browser enter the URL:

You should see:



Ver= [version information]


b) Test the function library on your computer:

In either the win32 or win64 directory, run TMSTestFunctions.exe

Under Parameters, enter the URL where you have installed TrackMySoftware.

Go to ‘TMS API version’ in the left column, and click the button to call the function tms_GetAPIVer.

If your firewall or anti-virus program asks you whether to allow internet access for the program, allow it.

You should see return values of

[version information]


You can now continue and try out all the functions using either the function library or the web API.

Using TrackMySoftware

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