Version History

Version History


Ver 2.0 (Decmber 7, 2016)

* License: Add new parameter &lickey= to API, which allows you to specify your own custom license key instead of the automatically generated one.
* Cross device license – GetStatus now returns the timeout interval as well as the number of users.
* GetStatus now returns the Company and User Name for licensed users.
* If the IP address cannot be resolved into a location, the IP address itself is stored in the Location field, rather than ‘Unknown’.
* When status is RegExp or Demo, and the license has expired, the expiry date is now returned in the EndDate field as well as in the message.
* Bug fix: User names and other user fields which contained apostrophes were not being handled correctly.
* Bug fix – Product version number wasn’t being updated on the tracking record during GetStatus calls.
* Bug fix: CloseApp should not be called for a Single license type, but if it was, an uninstall was being performed instead.
* Several improved error messages in the API.
* WEB: The web interface has been updated to new and improved responsive theme.
* WEB: Fix tool tips on main page.
* WEB: bug fix – search problem when ProdID was longer than 8 characters, and also ProdID was being truncated when a CSV list was downloaded.
* WEB: Issue Date field in the License table now defaults to the current date and time if a license is being manually entered.
* DLL: Bug fix – return an error code and message if not able to write to the local license file, instead of crashing.
* DLL: Add C-style functions. These use and return 16-bit Unicode C strings, rather than the COM compatible BSTR string type:


Ver 1.2 (August 11, 2013)

- SET SESSION sql_mode to prevent problems with certain MySQL configurations.
- Error message if BCMath functions not installed (Thanks to Charles)
- Several improved error messages
- Geolocation bug fix (Thanks to various users)
- .htaccess file removed, because of problems on Window, redirect index.html to index.php instead
- New license type – Licensed Demo – issue a license with the expiry date set on first use (Thanks to Andrew)
- Logging – TMS can now optionally log calls to GetStatus to a log file, with 6 levels of logging (Thanks to Andrew)
- For cross-device licenses, the Msg field now shows current number of users (Thanks to Fabian)
- Extra DLL functions tms_GetStatusCustom and tms_DecryptCustom, to cater for custom DeviceIDs and totally offline operation. (Thanks to Charles)
- Check on date set back for offline license file in DLL – bug fix (Thanks to Charles)
- Consolidate Registered and LITE versions of tms-main.php
- Various typos fixed, and small changes to text (Thanks to Fabian)


Upgrade instructions

  1. Backup server file directory (just in case)
  2. Download new Lite version
  3. Overwrite all files in the TMS directory on the server with files from the Lite version, except:

(registered version) – TrackMySoftware-License.txt


 Ver 1.1 (July 14, 2013)

tms-main.php – Show more helpful message if there is a problem with TMS license

Test program – display of tms_GetLastMsg string being cut off

Database – improve display of Tracking, Licenses pages
Database – change default sort order for tables, recent date first

bug fix – message about primary key when trying to manually add User or License records
bug fix – Tacking database admin – fix trial status field
bug fix – Tracking database admin – fix license key to not be read-only
bug fix – Tracking database admin – fix ProdID not showing up in tracking detail


Ver 1.0 (July 2, 2013)

First full release.

Many new features, and Lite version now includes everything in Registered version except for limitations on features, so that upgrade is simple.


Ver 0.8 Beta (May 19, 2013)


  • Generation of DeviceID improved – better error handling

Test program

  • The DeviceID cannot now be altered. It will always use the DeviceID from the current device. This is better for security.


  • Setup – Set time zone for all processing during setup
  • Fix field names in admin database


Ver 0.7 Beta (April 15, 2013)

First release. Lite version only.

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